Our Contract:

This is a contract between Childs Play Fun And Learning Center and __________________ for the care of _____________. For ____ days per week.

Care is to be provided during the following hours:

Monday ____AM/PM to ____ AM/PM

Tuesday____AM/PM to ____ AM/PM

Wednesday ____AM/PM to ____AM/PM

Thursday ____ AM/PM to ____AM/PM

Friday ____ AM/PM to ____AM/PM

Saturday ___ AM/PM to ____ AM/PM

Sunday ___ AM/PM to ___AM/PM

I agree to pay $________ per week for the care of my child (ren), payable on the first day of care of that week.  This fee will be charged for all contracted weeks regardless of holidays, sick days or other absences. I agree to abide by the overtime policies and fees as set forth in the parent handbook. A trial period of 14 calendar days will begin on _______ and end on ______. Two week written notice of termination is waived for both parties during the above trail period. Care will continue until either party has given two weeks notice. Payment for those two weeks is required even if you don't come. A one-week non-refundable deposit will be required at the time you sign up for care and will be applied to your last week of care. You will be given ___ non-paid vacation days per year, I must have two weeks notice for any vacation days and they must be used by December 31st and cannot be carried over to the next year. Vacation days can not be used for sick days or for holidays. By signing this contract you agree that you have read and will abide by the policies and procedures set forth in the parent handbook.



_________________________           ____________

PROVIDER                                                     DATE


__________________________         ____________

PARENT                                                         DATE


__________________________          ____________

PARENT                                                         DATE