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Licensing and credentials Head Lice
Non discrimination Policy Medication Policy
Criteria for Admission Daily Information Sheets
Hours Diaper Policy
Yearly Calendar Toilet Training Policy
Daily Schedule Nap Time Policy
Program planning Discipline Policy
Refund Policy  Child Abuse
Arrival, Departure,  And Release of Child Procedures Criteria for Withdrawal School Initiated
Fees/ attendance/vacations/reciepts Criteria for Withdrawal Parent Initiated
Arrival and departure times School Clothing Policy
Emergency Closing Meals and Snacks

Field Trips

Special Meals
Toys From Home Child Care Tax Credit
Birthdays and Holidays Child Custody Situations
Parent Involvement References For Parents
Communication to Parents Parent refferals
Illness Reserving slots (New Clients)
Absence Policy General
In closing

Getting to know us

Thank you for enrolling in Childs Play Fun and Learning Center. Please allow me to tell you a little about myself. My name is Nichol Childs and I am an in home daycare provider.  Having been a working mom myself I understand how difficult it is for parents to find good quality care. I feel I have the love, knowledge, experience and qualities needed to provide a warm, loving environment in which children can learn and grow. I believe that children are the most important part of our future, and I will work with you to help establish the solid foundation children need to feel secure and provide stability for their future.

I take my profession as a childcare provider, not a "babysitter" very seriously. I have over 12 years of childcare experience. I also have CPR & first aid current at all times. Although in home childcare is a form of self-employment, unlike other businesses; there is no room for physical growth or expansion due to licensing regulations. I am not guaranteed any benefits that most employees take for granted such as; health insurance, paid sick days, paid vacations, personal days, workman's compensation, unemployment insurance, retirement/pension plan or bonuses. My contractual policies reflect this.

At Childs Play Fun and Learning Center our goal is to provide your children with the best care possible. We have some strong beliefs on children and how they learn and grow.

We believe that children learn and grow in a loving, happy, warm environment, where they are accepted as individuals. They need plenty of time to play freely and explore their imaginations. We provide lots of open- ended activities to explore art and craft materials to create with, and special activities to spark curiosity. This is done during a scheduled day, which provides a child with the security of knowing what will happen next.

   We expect that you as the parent will bring your child healthy and well rested, and keep us informed if something exciting or upsetting has happened in your child’s life, or if they are not feeling well or did not sleep well. We expect that you will read and abide by the policies outlined here, and discuss with us any problems as they arise. Open communication will be the key to our working relationship.



Licensing and credentials

Childs Play Fun and Learning Center has been fully licensed by the State of Michigan since 2002. Which means it meets or exceeds all requirements for group child day care homes. The center is subject to inspections by state and city health, fire, and licensing officials. The director holds a degree in Early Childhood Development and  a certificate of Child Day Care Management. All employees are CPR and First aid Certified.




Non discrimination Policy

Childs Play Fun and Learning Center does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, religion, color, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, disability or handicap. This manual was not written to single out any one person, family, or incident. It is intended to clearly explain my policies on a number of important issues. I do retain the right to deny admission if all my slots for a particular child's age group are filled.



Criteria for Admission

          The criteria for admission is that your child is from 2 weeks of age to 6 years, and has turned in all items on the enrollment checklist. I will not assume care of you child until all of the required paperwork has been filled out.




          We are open from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. All of my childcare contracts are based on individual families' needs. Some children may arrive at different times, but that is per contract. Please keep this in mind when determining you contracted hours. We will also be available select evenings, and weekends for extended care, this must be pre-arranged and paid at the time of pick up. (There are separate charges for extended care, see price list.)


Yearly Calendar

We will be closed the following holidays and payment is required for these days:

Martin Luther King Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

*Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)

*Christmas Eve and Day

New Year’s Eve and Day 

*When these holidays fall on Saturday we will be closed the previous Friday and when they fall on Sunday we will be closed the following Monday.



Program planning

Childs Play is clean, safe, and well planned. Caregivers are responsible for upholding high standards of cleanliness, as well as safety.  The program is designed to ensure flexibility and spontaneity to meet the needs of the children and to offer special activities as they present themselves. Daily activities are designed to offer a variety of opportunities for growth of each child in the following areas:

q       Physical development - large & small motor skills

q       Social development - communication and relationships with others

q       Emotional development - positive self image, independence as well as interdependence

q       Intellectual development - problem solving and cause and effect



Daily Schedule

A typical day’s schedule at Childs Play Fun and Learning Center goes like this:


Greet children, free play, wash hands, breakfast, clean up

Children explore various activities freely/ they are offered breakfast / they help clean up

9:00-9:30 AM

Circle time-songs /stories / letters / numbers / shapes

Children learn about the theme of the day / they begin to increase their attention span

9:30-10:00 AM

Free play

After sitting for circle time the children need time to be active freely

10:00-10:15 AM

(longer if needed)

Art then alternate math /music / table play / sensory play

Children gain practice in small motor skills such as using scissors & glue / and coordination with music / beginning math skills-sorting etc.

10:15-11:30 AM

Outdoor play / transition inside / wash hands

Children gain practice in large motor skills through running and climbing outdoors / they learn basic cleanliness skills

11:30AM -12:30PM

Lunch / wash hands / clean up

Children gain practice in hand eye coordination and self help skills through drinking from cups and feeding self / they also learn and practice basic table manners / responsibility of cleaning up after them selves


Stories / potty time / rest / quiet time

Story is read . children learn listening skills and increasing attention span / they sleep on a mat with a blanket or in a play pen with a blanket

3:00-3:15 PM

Wake up / pick up cots & blankets

Children gain practice in responsibility of cleaning up their own bedding

3:15-3:30 PM


Children gain practice in hand eye coordination and self help skills through drinking from cups and feeding self / they also learn and practice basic table manners / responsibility of cleaning up after them selves

3:30-4:00 PM

Outdoor play / free play / transition inside / wash hands

Children gain practice in large motor skills through running and climbing outdoors / they learn basic cleanliness skills

4:00-5:15 PM

Afternoon art / stories / circle time

Children gain practice in small motor skills such as using scissors & glue

5:15-6:00 PM

Free play / get ready for parents / movie / clean up

Children explore various activities freely / they help clean up

*Some children will need a morning nap, and they will be taken as needed.

*Outdoor play is weather permitting 30 degrees or above

*All times are approximate




 Arrival, Departure, and Release of Child to Alternate Adult Procedures

Please be considerate of our neighbors. Drive slowly and carefully through our neighborhood, as many children play here. Our business causes increased traffic in our neighborhood, and we do not want to give our neighbors any reason to complain.

For your child’s safety, we will not release a child to a person other than their parent under any circumstances without prior authorization from a parent, even if that person’s name appears on your emergency card. Please inform us of any changes on their emergency card as they occur. Please respect that we reserve the right to ask for picture identification if we are unfamiliar with the person picking up.

Please note that in the event of custody disputes it is not within our legal right to withhold a child from either parent, without having a copy of the court order awarding custody.

Also please note, that if a parent should attempt to pick up their child while intoxicated, it is not within our legal right to detain the child. However, for the safety of the child, if a parent attempts to pick up their child while intoxicated, and refuses our attempts to find alternate transportation home, we will notify local law enforcement officials of the situation upon their departure.




Arrival and departure times

Children experience various stages of separation anxiety. This is best handled cheerfully and promptly. Choose a routine and make your departure, don’t drag it out, even though it may break your heart. If you need to, call us later to reassure yourself that your child is fine, and they probably stopped crying before you left the driveway. Please remember that trust is being set up, so please do not think that it will be easier to slip out the door without saying goodbye. Each child is unique in this respect but they all deserve a goodbye hug and kiss.

If your child misbehaves during these times, please correct their behavior. My rules apply from the time they walk in the door until the time they walk out. This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (parent and provider), and this situation will be tested at one time or another to see if the rules still apply. I will remind your child if inappropriate behaviors are being displayed. Please be prepared to back me up on these issues.

When leaving, please DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO RUN OUT TO YOUR CAR WHILE YOU ARE STILL INSIDE! Our safety rule is " No kids outside without an adult." There are other cars coming and going in the driveway and a serious accident could occur.



Fees/ attendance/vacations/reciepts

I have a "no pay/no play" policy. Payments will be made on your first day of care for that week. If payment has not been made then your child will not be accepted until payment has been received.

You will be given a fee schedule with the childcare rates on it. Payment obligation is based on the hours you agree to use, not on actual hours of attendance. Both full and part time fees will be charged based on CONTRACTED hours, including missed days due to illness, holidays, and vacation days (after your days are used). This also applies to early and late drop offs. Late drop off does not constitute late pick up. In a sense you are paying me for your child's "slot" as well as for my services.

Receipts will be furnished as needed throughout the year, and a year -end payment summary will be provided for tax purposes.

There will be a late payment charge of $5.00 for each day payment is past due. After 2 days without a check we will not except your child until your balance is paid in full. The charge for late pick-up is $5.00 per 10-minute increment, per child picked up after their contracted hours, payable at that time. After 11 hours with children each day, we need to “Go Home” too. (Exceptions will be made for major snow storms, or your notifying us of an emergency.)

Parents who use checks to pay for their child’s care are using a privilege, if you abuse this privilege you will be required to pay all of our expenses for our account resulting from returned checks. After one returned check you will no longer be able to use checks for your child’s care.

We will be closed the following holidays and payment is required for these days:     

Martin Luther King Day

            Good Friday

            Memorial Day

            Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day


Your weekly fee is due in advance in full each week on Monday. The only exception to this rule is if you are taking vacation time, and we have been given two weeks notice, in writing, that you will be taking vacation days. You will be given a set amount of vacation days on your contract and once they are used you will be required to pay for all other vacation days. We will notify parents four weeks in advance of closure due to family vacation. Holidays may not be taken as vacation days.



Refund Policy

          Payments and deposits for childcare are non-refundable.


Emergency Closing



Field Trips

            A universal field trip permission slip needs to be on file. We could go on walking field trips at any time.


Toys From Home

Please do not allow your children to bring toys from home. NO TOYS ARE TO BE BROUGHT TO DAYCARE.  Anything that is brought will be put up until it is time for pick up. Toys for older children are not always safe for younger children. We also cannot be responsible for lost or broken toys.  One of the behaviors I encourage is respect for others. This includes sharing and often times children have a hard time sharing toys they bring from home.

            Do not give your child money, candy, toys, etc. to keep in their pockets. It is not going to stay there, and could be a safety hazard for other children.

The only exception to this policy is:

q       If your child has a special comforting teddy bear, blanket etc.  , please feel free to bring it for naptime. (Please label your childs toy to prevent it from getting lost.)


Birthdays and Holidays

          Birthdays are very special for children. We will be having a cupcake day on the daycare day closest to your child’s birthday. We can provide the cupcakes, or you are welcome to provide them. Holidays are unique and each is celebrated differently, based on the ages of the children. Feel free to ask about holidays as they arrive.


Parent Involvement

          Parent involvement is strongly recommended. Please feel free to join us in learning throughout the year.



Communication from Parents

            We are not responsible for verbal messages.  If you have any requests they need to be in writing.


Communication to Parents

            Communication is the key to a good relationship. Each child will have a daily information sheet. This will give you a brief run down on his or her diaper, eating, and temperament from that day.




          Under no circumstances will a parent bring a sick child to daycare. A sick child should be allowed to recover fully after an illness to prevent spreading it to other children. Obviously, it will not be possible to avoid the spread of all infectious illness. However, minimizing the exposure and providing good hygienic procedures in the daycare are the only means by which we can limit the problem of infection. In order to keep all the children as healthy as possible we will be enforcing the following rules.

Children are not to be brought to daycare if: 

v      they have had a temperature of 101 degrees or more at any time

during the past 24 hours           

v      they have experienced vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours

v      they are suffering from a severe cough or severe cold symptoms

v      they have suspected or diagnosed contagious illness

v      they have suspicious or unexplained rash


Children with a mild cold can attend care if they can participate in normal activities (if a child is too sick to go outside, he/she is too sick to be a daycare). They will be monitored and if the cold reaches the point that the child will not play, has a continuous cough or the nose secretions are not clear, then the parent will be required to pick up and keep the child home until they have been symptom free for 24 hours.



Absence Policy

The parent should inform us as soon as possible if the child is going to be absent for any reason. No reimbursements or credit will be given in the event of a child not being able to attend or fully participate in the event of an absence. Payment is required in full prior to the child’s departure for vacation.


Accident/Injury Policy

          Your emergency card is very important. The middle of an emergency is not a good time for us to realize that we can’t reach you. Please keep this card up to date. I will need a copy of your child’s health insurance card along with your emergency card. In the event of an emergency your child will be escorted to the nearest hospital for emergency care and then transported to the hospital of your choice. You will be notified as soon as possible. For non-emergency accidents or injuries, an accident/injury report will be filled out and you will receive a copy for your records, this form will be explained to you and must be signed at that time


Head Lice

Even in the cleanest childcare setting head lice can happen. In the event of an outbreak of head lice children will not be permitted to return until all eggs are removed. If eggs are found you will be called immediately to pick up your child



Medication Policy

We will not administer any form of medication to your child without your prior written permission. If your child needs a prescription or any other medication while in our care the following procedures will be followed: 

v      Medication form will be filled out

v      Medication must be in the original container***

v      We will only administer medication to it’s written instructions

v      The initial dose must be given by a parent in case of adverse reactions 

*** If you ask the pharmacy they will split your prescription in two bottles, this will make it so the bottle doesn’t have to be sent home every night. 

You will be able to fax your child’s medication form to us in the case of an emergency situation.


Daily Information Sheets

Your child will come home every day with a sheet that will explain their diapers, appetite, and temperament. If there is something else you want to inquire about please feel free to do so.



Diaper Policy

            I will supply diapers and wipes for children. If your child uses a special kind of diaper or wipe you will be responsible for bringing them. Due to excess unneeded germs we do not allow cloth diapers. This eliminates the countless diaper bags that need to be packed and un-packed each day.


Toilet Training Policy

            Each child is unique. Toilet training readiness is not scheduled with all children. This time varies greatly with each individual. When your child shows signs of readiness i.e.: long periods of dryness, ability to pull pants on and off, verbal ability to express needs, and we have mutually agreed that the child appears ready, we can then begin. (child should be 18 months or older) Parents need to initiate this process at home first. Please keep in mind that the activity level here can distract your child from responding to an urge to use the potty, more so than at your home.

            During this time we will need two complete changes of clothing left here and two extra pair of training pants. If you want your child to wear pull ups you will need to supply them. Your child should wear clothing that he or she can easily remove. (Overalls and belts are not very helpful). Diapers may be used during naptime. After two or three weeks, if we are not making any progress, we may decide to return to diapers for a short time before trying again.


School Clothing Policy

          Children need to be dressed comfortably for their day. Although we make an effort to keep your child clean, we do projects, paint, get wet, play outside, and can get messy. Your children's clothing should be appropriate for this. Do not dress your child in anything you don’t want to see messy. New or special clothes should be kept at home.

            Children need to have a complete change of clothing, appropriate for the weather, left at school. We will also need children dressed for outdoor play; we will be going outside each day.

            Winter weather requires extra stuff. We will need the following: snowpants, mittens, gloves, hats, and boots. In warm weather we may play in water outside. We ask that you please bring a bathing suit to stay here. This way your child will not have to wear wet clothing. We will launder these items.


Nap Time Policy

            All children who are here 5 or more hours a day are required y the state to be given a rest/quiet period. Each child will be required to rest; this may or may not mean sleep. I will provide a nap mat and a blanket. We wake anyone that is still sleeping at 3:30 P.M. Some children need a morning nap; we give them as needed. If your child has a special nap time blanket or stuffed animal it will be kept up until nap time and put away after. Children who do not fall asleep or awaken early will be guided to quiet activities that will not disturb the other children after they have rested.


Discipline Policy

            As your childcare provider we understand that there will be times when children will need to be disciplined. We would like to tell you some techniques that are used to help prevent problems:

·         Teach limits

·         Use distraction 
·         Offer substitutions
·         Make a game of discipline
·         Limit access to objects and activities
·         Childproof your home
·         Criticize the behavior; not the child
·         Repeat rules often
·         Use rhyming rules
·         Avoid abrupt changes
·         Offer help through frustrating situations
·         Anticipate problems
·         Offer choices
·         Give leeway to make mistakes

             There will be times when timeouts have to be used, only after other methods have been tried. We stress the use of words instead of violence to settle arguments. A time out is not viewed as a punishment, but rather a chance for the child to regain control of themselves and their behavior. 

Here we try to stress two main patterns of behavior:

q       Respect for other people
q       Respect for property

 As a result I do not allow hitting, pushing, biting, kicking, pinching, yelling or screaming at other children or adults. Obscene language is not allowed. I also stress that they treat material possessions with respect.


 Child Abuse

As a child care provider, I am obligated by the state of Michigan to report all known or suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect.


Criteria for Withdrawal School Initiated

            We always try our best, but in the event of severe misconduct you will be given two weeks notice of the termination of your child’s care. We will try our best to help you find alternate care. Commonly care is terminated in the event of:

v      Hitting, biting, or otherwise hurting other children
v      Chronically “acting out” (swearing, throws daily temper tantrums, fails to comply with rules
v      Acting genuinely unhappy and unbearable (not adjusting to the center)
v      Parents routinely abusing drop-off and pick-up times
v      Parent not pay bills on time or at all

v      Parent disagrees with the centers discipline procedures/policy

v      Parent is unable or refuses to comply with ordinary requests for the child’s well being (sending coat, boots during cold weather; sending diapers)

Criteria for Withdrawal Parent Initiated

            If you for some reason need to discontinue care from us, we ask that you do so in writing with at least two weeks notice.  Payment for this two weeks is required even if you do not attend.


Meals and Snacks

            We participate in the USDA Child Care Food Program. The meals provided to your child will follow their guidelines. You will receive a copy of this with your child's Food Program enrollment form. We provide healthy meals and snacks. The children will help prepare the meals and snacks as much as possible. We do not allow candy, gum, or any other snacks or treats from home. When one child has something they all want it. If your child arrives after the scheduled mealtime you are responsible for feeding them at that time.

            The only exceptions to this rule are children drinking formula or eating baby food. These items are expected to be brought from home. In this case formula must be pre mixed. Also holidays are enhanced when treats are available, please consult me if your would like to include a holiday treat.


Special Meals

            Children who require a special diet will be required to bring some items from home. I will try my best to provide safe alternatives for these children, but some items are out of my control.


Child Care Tax Credit

            If you will be taking the childcare tax credit please inform us so we can give you a detailed summary of your child care costs.


Child Custody Situations

Please note that in the event of custody disputes it is not within our legal right to withhold a child from either parent, without having a copy of the court order awarding custody.


References For Parents

            Please feel free to ask us for any informational literature or recommendations when concerned about your child.


Parent refferals

Referrals from a current client are one of the biggest compliments I can receive. As a special thank you, Childs Play offers families a free day of care for each referral that enrolls. Your free day will be deducted from your weekly fee after the referred child has attended three weeks.


Reserving slots (New Clients)

Due to the numerous requests for childcare I do not hold spaces with out pay. Each space represents a percentage of my income. When you choose to place your child in my care I will reserve the slot for you as soon as, but not before, all your completed paperwork is returned to me along with a one-week deposit. This acts as a commitment to me on your part. Until that time I will continue to interview for other clients. If paperwork and fees are returned to me, I will hold your slot for up to 3 weeks at no charge. After 3 weeks you will be required to pay half of your weekly fees until the child begins to attend. At that time the fees will revert to full weekly rates. These rates are due on Monday of each week. These fees are non-refundable, even if other childcare arrangements are found. If you have reserved a slot for you child and later change your mind, no refund or reduction will be given.



q       Please notify me by 6:30 AM if your child will not be attending for that day or if he/she will be arriving late

q       If you will not be able to be contacted on the normal phone number listed please give me an alternate number for that day

q       Parents are required to keep me informed of changes in address, phone numbers and other pertinent information.

q       Again please read and respond if necessary to all notes sent home

q       There is a dog and a cat in the daycare home. They are very friendly to children. I do not allow the children to torment or harm the pets in any way just as I do not allow the animals to torment or harm the children.

q       I retain the right to enforce these policies at will. Lack of enforcement of a certain policy at any time does not indicate that the particular policy is no longer in effect


In closing

Please remember that although I chose this profession because of my love of children, it is also my job. My family depends on my income as I am sure yours does. Prompt fee payment, adherence to pick up times, consideration for your sick child and consideration for my personal time is very much appreciated. I take my job very seriously, and am committed to be the very best for your child. I consider it a privilege to have been entrusted with the care of your child, and I will always treat your child with love and respect. If at any time you have suggestions, comments, or questions, please feel free to bring them to my attention.